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24 September 2010 @ 12:19 pm
stolen meme from xxfullmoonxx...lol  
 01. Who was the first J-rock Band you heard?
Lareine <3

02. Who's the most recent J-rock Band you've heard?
VII-Sense...I don't listen to many new bands lol.

03. Who's your favorite J-rock Band?
I'd have to say Syndrome,

04. Name 6 other Bands you Like:
Mirage, ENDLESS, D=SIRE, Art Cube, WITH SEXY, Mar'derayla

05. Are you a fangirl/boy?
eh, not really..I listen for the music mostly, not the band members MOST of the time.

06. If yes, of Who?
if I had one, SIN lol

07. Do you cosplay?
no :(

08. Who?

09. Do you like Dir en grey?
I never disliked them..but I can't listen through a whole album, except gauze

10. Do you like Toshiya?

11. How about Kaoru?

12. Die?

13. Kyo?

14. Shinya?

15. What's your favorite Diru song?
Garden, akuro no oka, or zan lol

16. Do you like visual bands or non-visual bands?
pretty much just visual

17. What's the first J-rock song you heard?
I think it was beast of blood, I just didnt know it at the time..lol why is this everyones first song bahaha

18. What's the most recent JRock song you've heard?
I couldnt tell you lol..I jump around so much

19. Do you buy J-rock magazines?
Used to..still I will like twice a year now..only now if kisaki's on the cover or UC/Kisaki related bands

20. What's your favorite?
Cure... for the English interviews. <--- AGREE

21. Have you ever been to any JRock concerts?
Not many <--- agree

22. Which ones?

23. What would you do if you saw any JRocker walking down the street in your town?
Nothing. I would just admire from afar, if he was good looking of course lol

24. Which JRocker are you most in love/lust with?
<___________< I think Kamijo..but its more of an idol type love. He was my inspiration

25. Which three Jrockers would you most love to meet in person (Dead or alive)?
I think Kisaki, kamijo, and Morrie<333

26. Three things you would like to say to/ask them?
I don't know. I like a conversation to just flow. <-- AGREE..maybe try to get some free stuff LOL

27. Which three Jrockers can you relate to most?
How would I know? I don't know many of them. <____< how would any of us know XD so agree

28. Which three Jrock songs do you constantly replay?
Yakou by Endless, Cirque~art e part tier~ by Syndrome and Sexy by Mirage :)

29. Do you have any Jrockers as your background?
I have a picture of Hisui..the band hisui not the vocalist 

30. Which Jrocker would you most like to get fashion/makeup advice from?
Probably Kisaki, that one guy from teddy lol

31. Do you read Jrock fan fiction?
That's creeper shit<---- LOL XDDD

32. What is your favourite Jrocker related dream?
uhm...I had a dream about meeting kamijo, but its kind of fuzzy now

33. How many Jrock MP3s do you have?
A WHOLE FUCKIN LOT omg...its terrible but great